How it works

The eZBusiness Card Management Tool is a powerful credit card administration tool, which allows company and program administrators of commercial card accounts to manage their cardholder accounts.


  • View corporation and company hierarchies and hierarchy sublevel information
  • View a list of companies within a hierarchy
  • View a list of commercial credit card accounts within a company
  • Search for, view, and download information about a specific commercial credit card account
  • Search for, view, and download account transaction information
  • Emulate a cardholder
  • Set up payment accounts and make payments towards an account
  • View financial details about a company or sublevel
  • View processing details about a company or sublevel

Manage online service requests, including:

  • Add new cardholders to an account
  • Change the credit limit for an account (temporary or permanent)
  • Change address/phone number
  • Close an account
  • Request replacement cards for individual cardholders
  • Temporary authorization block
  • Manage messages to and from Client Services
  • Search for a specific company or corporation within a hierarchy
  • Search for a specific cardholder

If the User has the proper security access, they can manage the users in an admin group by performing the following tasks:

  • Create new Admin user
  • Associate Admin user with hierarchies
  • Set Admin user IP Address restrictions
  • Change Admin user profiles
  • Delete Admin users from the system
  • Create and reset Admin user passwords
  • Lock Admin users from accessing eZBusiness Card Management
  • Reset Password Failures and Unlock Admin user accounts
  • View Admin user login activity
  • View Admin user Security Account activity

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